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Our Policies

We strive to give every client the best experience when serviced, but we understand that issues occur and for that reason we will try to accommodate customers. 

We do not offer refunds for services rendered, but we will however try to work with you for certain issues. Certain things will be at the discretion of the person who rendered the service. 

Makeup Policy

We do not offer refunds after service has been rendered and customer has left service location. It is the responsibility of the customer to voice any concerns after application so that we may adjust anything at that time. 

Deposits are non refundable but may go towards another service within 1 year. After a year the deposit will be forfeited. 

Lashes & Lash Extensions Policy

Strip Lashes:

We do not offer a refund for strip lashes. Strip lashes is a temporary beauty enhancement and is only meant to last 1-2 days (depends on individual person). Note: Our Mink strips should not be slept in to get the maximum amount of wear. Please avoid: Steam, extreme heat, sleeping in lashes & oil based products

Eyelash Clusters:

We do not offer refunds, but if you have an issue within  24 hours of application they can be fixed at no charge (if it’s a application issue only) Anything after 24 hours there is a $5 charge per row of lashes that is needed to fix the problem. 

Please avoid: Steam, Extreme Heat, sleeping on lashes & oil based product. 

Lash Extensions: 

We do not offer refunds for lash extensions after service has been rendered. We are not responsible for irritations caused from the lashes or adhesive. Each person is giving a waiver before application. If there is an issue with irritation please contact the lash tech immediately for advice. If tech is not available please seek medical attention. (Some mild irritation is normal after application). It is recommended lashes are removed by a professional. If lashes need to be removed due to irritation it must be within 24 hours of initial application for a no charge removal fee. Anything after 24 hours will require a removal fee of $25. Removal is done during regular business hours only if an emergency removal is needed after business hours there will be an after hour fee of $20. (after hour removal is only done if the tech is available)

Please avoid: Steam & Getting lashes wet within 24 hours of application, Extreme Heat, excessive rubbing , pulling & oil based products. 

Skincare & Waxing Policy


We are not responsible for adverse reactions due from our products used. A waiver is given to each client before a service is rendered to cover skin sensitivity. 

We do not offer refunds after a skincare service has been rendered includes: Facials, Back Facials, Serum treatments & the use of the high frequency machine. 

We can not guarantee immediate results of any skincare problem, we will discuss your expectations & a plan before any service Is rendered. 


We are not responsible for adverse skin reactions due from having sensitive skin to the wax we use. Every client will be given a consultation form before the start of service. There are no refunds after a service is rendered.

When receiving a body wax service please keep in mind hair needs to be at least 3 inches to be removed properly. If hair is not fully grown we recommend you wait for Waxing. 

When doing a Brazilian wax hair must not be excessively long we recommend trimming before down to at least 3 inches before service. If we have to trim before wax there will be a fee of $8. 

Please avoid: hot showers 24 hours after body waxing. It is recommended to exfoliate wax area 48 hours after service. 

Nail & Pedicure Policy

There is No Refund after services have been rendered. If a client has an issue with a nail breaking or polish chip within 24 hours of initial application it can be fixed at no charge (it will be the Nail Tech’s Discretion for certain issues) Anything after 24 hours will require a fee as follows: 

$5 per nail for repair 

$3 per nail for design 

$10 for polish change

If you are not satisfied with the nails or pedicure service please discuss with the nail tech before leaving, so that she can try to accommodate your needs. 

Deposits & Cancellations


When a deposit is required before a service the deposit must be paid before your appointment is officially booked. Deposits can be paid via Cash, Zelle or Cash App (All cash app payments are subject to an additional processing fee charge.) Deposits are non refundable. In the event that an  appointment needs to be canceled the deposit will go towards another future service within 1 year. After 1 year you will forfeit your deposit. For no 

calls & No Shows deposits are automatically forfeited. 

Cancelations & No Shows

You will not be charged if you cancel at least 24 hours before your appointment starts. Otherwise, you will be charged 25% of service price for late cancellations and 50% for no shows. All Deposits are non refundable. 

Pre-made and Custom Human Hair Wigs

Lotus Fluér Pre-made wigs are made using 100% human Brazilian hair & are 150% in density. All pre-made wigs have a lace frontal and come in the color 1b. Color Customizations can be added for an additional fee.

 Lotus Fluér hand made wigs are made using a sewing machine or hand stitched and are adjustable in size. All hand made wigs can only be ordered by emailing me at to get a quote. Each wig can be customized to your liking by let me know in detail the things below

•hair length for 3 bundles

•head circumference 

•Lace frontal or Full Lace Wig

•custom hairline

•Custom color (all colored wigs are colored using a 613 colored wig as the base)  colors can be selected by choosing from the picture in wig section in store.

•Two tone hair (In all 2 tone wigs the root color is a 1b, except ash blonde will be a medium brown)

•Custom hair line 

•Hair Texture if other than Straight (Options: Body Wave or Loose Deep Wave) 

1. ALL CUSTOM WIGS REQUIRE A 50% NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT. Pre-made wigs requires a deposit only if you’re not buying online. 



NO REFUNDS ON Wigs Once order has been placed and Wig has started being constructed. For all Pre-made orders you have 24 hours to cancel. 

Synthetic Mix Wigs

Lotus Fluér Synthetic Wigs are made of 100% Imported Premium Quality synthetic & high-temperature resistance fibers. Its physical properties, appearance, color and texture are highly similar to real hair & look just like real hair. In addtion, in order to bring all our customers a comfortable wearing experience, we use:

•100% breathable, adjustable and comfortable rose net inside the wig. Wigs are very comfortable and light weight. 

•Wig Cap Constructions: 100% Hand Knotted Ear to Ear Premium Soft Swiss Lace Front that Creates an Undetectable and Realistic Look, Which Will Give People an Illusion that the Synthetic Fibers are Growing From Your Own Skin,Very Natural Looking.

• Cap Size:Its Circumference is Approx 22.5 Inches ,and It Is Designed with Two Adjustable Straps and 3 Combs or Clips on Its Mesh Net to Fit Your Head Size Much More Comfortably and Securely when You‘re Wearing it. 

•Please refer to wig care card included in the wig packaging to maintain optimal longevity. 

•No Refunds on Wigs